Kathy Lincoln Quilts
Kathy Lincoln Quilts

My Quilting Journey
Starting with my very first quilt made in 1985 through my most recent projects, the viewer is led through my quilting journey.  The journey has been influenced by my children, my husband's military career, and day to day living. My newest quilts are showing the influence of the people I have met on my teaching journey.  Everyone's journey is a little different but we all share the love of quilts.

Kathy Lincoln LecturingPattern Problem Solving
This lecture is about what to do when you are confronted with flawed pattern directions.  What do you do and how can you save a project when confronted with wrong yardages, incomplete directions, inaccurate directions, or so many pages of instructions as to make your head spin.  This lecture will help the quilter overcome these problems and personalize every pattern according to their needs.

Design Your Own: Appliqué
This lecture is about how to approach the process of designing your own appliqué pieces, borders, or blocks.   We will explore multiple technique choices for the design process and how they affect the final appearance.  We will explore different ways to design the appliqué pieces even if you can't draw.  Finally, we will cover how to execute your designs in the space set aside for them.  Appliqué can add so much to a quilt that it should be considered at every chance we get.

Design Your Own: Pieced Blocks
This lecture is about how you can use public domain blocks to make your own special quilt.  With the resources available today (computer programs and reference books), you have endless choices in blocks.  What do you chose and how do you execute the design, these are questions that we will answer by the end of this lecture.


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