Kathy Lincoln Quilts
Kathy Lincoln Quilts

Kathy Lincoln's Quilt "Light of My Life"My work appears in the following books:
Recycled Hexie Quilts: Using Vintage Hexagons in Today's Quilts: by Mary Kerr, 2015
Dare to Dance: An Art Quilt Challenge by Mary Kerr, 2014
Celebrate the Day with Quilts by Shannon Gingrich Shirley, 2014
Sacred Threads Exhibition, edited by Lauren Kingsland, 2013
Creating Celebration Quilts by Cyndi Souder, 2013
First Time Beading on Fabric by Liz Kettle, 2012
A Quilt Bock Challenge: Vintage Revisited by Mary W. Kerr, 2010

My quilt "In My Shade Garden" was featured in the Feb/Mar 2009 issue of Quilters Newsletter.

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