Kathy Lincoln Quilts
Kathy Lincoln Quilts

Quilts I've Made for Quilt Challenges
I do like a good challenge. Creating something to fit a topic not of my choosing can make me think outside the box and that can jumpstart other creative endeavors.

Light of my Life: Dare to Dance
Nerd Pride Day: Celebrate the Day
Pearls: Power Suits
Dare to Dance:
Light of my Life
Celebrate the Day:
Nerd Pride Day
Powers Suits:

A Basket Full of Geese: Vintage Revisited, Quilt 1
Odd Fellows Again: Vintage Revisited, quilt 2
Flags of our Mothers: Vintage Revisited, quilt 3
Vintage Revisited 1:
A Basket Full of Geese
Vintage Revisited 2:
Odd Fellows Again
Vintage Revisited 3:
Flags of Our Mothers

Cliffside Beach Club: Vintage Revisited, quilt 4
1901: Vintage Revisited, quilt 5
My Favorite Maryism: Vintage Revisted, quilt 6
Vintage Revisited 4:
Cliffside Beach Club
Vintage Revisited 5:
Vintage Revisited 6:
My Favorite "Maryism"

Come Together: Inspired by the Beatles
Wicked: Wicked Challenge
Inspired by the Beatles:
Come Together


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